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Lake County Virtual School offers:

· year-round access to high quality, technology-based education.

· individualized instruction utilizing the internet, e-mail, telephone, instant messaging, online collaboration, and face-to-face teacher forums.

· face to face teacher sessions at schools throughout the district (not mandatory).

· online live lessons

· field trips and clubs

· the opportunity to develop skills, character, and self-discipline necessary to succeed in the 21st century

We offer curriculum for all grade levels, K-12, utilizing these Virtual Instruction Provider Platforms:





eDynamics Learning

Sampling of Courses:

· English I, II, III, IV 

· Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra 2

· Biology I / Chemistry I /Physics I

· Physical Science/Earth Space Science 

· AP, Advanced, Honors classes

· HOPE, P.E.

· Spanish I, II, III and American Sign Language I, II

· Driver’s Ed

· Tech classes

· Full High school curriculum

· Full Middle school curriculum

· Full Elementary curriculum