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What is Advanced Placement?


The CollegeBoard’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an international program consisting currently of 38 courses*.  These high school courses have been specifically designed to provide college-level course work to high school students.  The culmination of the course consists with the completion of an AP exam.  Students who earn a qualifying score of three or above on an AP exam have the potential to earn college credit^. This is in addition to the student having the opportunity to earn high school credit. Lake County Schools covers the cost of student’s AP exams.

Lake County Schools is proud to offer an expansive variety of Advanced Placement courses in our high Schools and district Virtual School.

*This is the current number of CollegeBoard AP courses as of June 2020.
^Students should check with their high school counselor or the post-secondary institution they plan to attend regarding the awarding of college credit for certain exam scores.
SY2019-20 District AP Course Offerings


What are the benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses?

The CollegeBoard’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides college-level rigor to high school courses providing opportunities for high school students to build confidence,  learn time management and study skills, while enhancing specific content area knowledge. Advanced Placement courses are also weighted when computing student grade point averages.

Are there state statutes governing Advanced Placement Courses?

Yes. The following Florida statutes address the Advanced Placement Program.

f.s. 1007.27(5)

Advanced placement shall be the enrollment of an eligible secondary student in a course offered through the Advanced Placement Program administered by the CollegeBoard. Post-secondary credit for an advanced placement course shall be limited to students who score a minimum of 3, on a 5-point scale, on the corresponding Advanced Placement Examination. The specific courses for which students receive such credit shall be identified in the statewide articulation agreement required by s. 1007.23(1).** Students of Florida public secondary schools enrolled pursuant to this subsection shall be exempt from the payment of any fees for administration of the examination regardless of whether or not the student achieves a passing score on the examination.

f.s. 1007.271 (18)

School districts and Florida College System institutions must weigh dual enrollment courses the same as advanced placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certificate of Education courses when grade point averages are calculated.

What are the prerequisites for students to be successful in taking AP courses?

Students considering Advanced Placement courses should generally be academically prepared and motivated to take college-level course work while in high school. Students should speak with their designated counselor and teachers regarding Advanced Placement course offerings.

What is AP Capstone?

The CollegeBoard’s AP Capstone is an innovative program that allows students to engage in rigorous development of skills critical for success in college, and includes a two-course sequence: AP Seminar and AP Research. Upon successful completion of the AP Capstone experience students have the opportunity to have the AP Capstone designation included in their transcript. Lake County offers AP Capstone at several of our high schools. Please see the SY19-20 AP Course offerings document for schools that currently offer AP Capstone.

What is Pre-AP?

Pre-AP courses provide grade-level instruction through focused course frameworks. They are designed to assist all students across varying levels of abilities and may assist in preparation for Advanced Placement coursework that students may choose to pursue. Lake County offers Pre-AP at several of our high schools. Please see the SY19-20 AP Course offerings document for schools that currently offer Pre-AP.

AP Courses Offered

Art History
English Literature Composition
English Language Composition
Environmental Science
Human Geography
US History
US Government/Politics
World History

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